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Gun Dog Training Program

Storm's Ahead Kennels gun dog training program.

The focus of Storm's Ahead Kennels Gun Dog Training Program is to build enthusiasm for searching and flushing and to hunt and retrieve downed game. This includes obedience work which involves whistle signals for prompt handling response in the field.

We offer three levels of gun dog training; Puppy Head Start, Basic Gun Dog Waterfowl Training and Advanced Gun Dog Training.

Puppy Head Start

Storm's Ahead Kennels Puppy Head Start program is for people who are too busy and do not have the time to spend training their new pup. This puppy training program socializes the pup so that it will be ready for the next phase of training. During our Puppy Head Start program we introduce the puppy to gun fire, birds, kenneling into crate in vehicle and socializing with other dogs and people. Some obedience is also taught. Transition into the next level of training is about 5-6 months of age. Our Puppy Training program is $500 per month.

Storm's Ahead Kennels Puppy Head Start training program.Puppy training courses with Janet Pelfresne.

Basic Gun Dog Waterfowl Training

In Storm's Ahead Kennels Basic Gun Dog Waterfowl Training course further on/off leash basic obedience is expected. This is a six days per week course of approximately three month.Training includes:

Sit commandSitHere commandHereBasic gun dog training includes the heel command.HeelWhistle training.Whistle trainingForce fetch training.Force fetch

Colar condition.Collar conditionQuartering training.Quartering with/without check cord

Storm's Ahead Kennels Basic Gun Dog training.Basci Gun Dog Training - Janet Pelfresne, Storm's Ahead Kennels.Training sessions also include introduction to gun fire, retrieving and bird desire testing with live planted birds and hand thrown birds or bumpers. Single marks thrown with steadiness encouraged. AKC / HRC Junior/Started dog level training entering in tests available for additional fee.

By the end of the final stage of Storm's Ahead Kennels Basic Gun dog Training course, your dog should have the ability to complete the following tasks:

Quarter training.Quarter field at appropriate distanceTrack and flush training.Track and flush birdMark and track fallen bird.Mark / track fallen bird

Retrieve and deliver to hand.Retrieve and deliver to handBe called off missed shot.Be called off missed shot

Storm's Ahead Kennels AKC Junior Level training courses.Basic gun dog obedience classes.Upland and waterfowl gun dog training.

Advanced Gun Dog Waterfowl Training

For Storm's Ahead Kennels Advanced Gun Dog Waterfowl Training course a higher level of intense retrieving desire and drive are required. This training is a long term commitment for those interested in advanced level training and AKC / HRC hunt tests at Senior and Master levels. Not all dogs have the ability to handle this type of training and recommendations will be made accordingly. Training includes:

Multiple mark concepts.Multiple mark concepts HandlingHandling Further whistling training.Further whistle training

Drills at this time include force to pile, single and double T and swim-by, then pattern blinds both land and water, and eventually cold blinds.

If you are interested in any of Storm's Ahead Kennels training programs: Puppy Head Start, Basic Gun Dog Waterfowl Training or Advanced Gun Dog Training, please feel free to Contact Janet Pelfresne for more information.

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