Storm's Ahead Kennels and Pet Resort


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Storm's Ahead Kennels male labrador retrievers.

Storm’s Ahead Lightnings Last Striker


(FC AFC Hockley Creek's Switch Hitter x 4xGRHRCH UH HOF Hurricane Abby's High Tide MH QAA)

DOB 07/26/2016

AKC# SR94760302

To view Striker's pedigree click HERE.

Storm’s Ahead Lightnings Last Striker, “Striker”, was a keeper from our last breeding of a long-standing great pair. Striker is the most intense dog I have encountered; he Is an incredible athlete with 2 main speeds -fast and warp speed fast and then can halt and calmly snuggle on my lap. He is a quick learner and always eager to please. Whether on land or water Striker makes his presence known, he will retrieve through, over or under anything in the path to his bird or bumper. Striker is an outstanding upland hunting dog and a determined waterfowl retriever. Striker will be back in the field in 2021 working on his AKC Master title.

Storm's Ahead Running Wild JH


(FC AFC Hockley Creek's Switch Hitter x 4xGRHRCH UH HOF Hurricane Abby's High Tide MH QAA)

DOB 03/02/2020

AKC# SS 181500

To view Rogue's pedigree click HERE.


Storm’s Ahead welcomes our newest edition and future breeding stud, Storm’s Ahead Running Wild, call name “Rogue”. Rogue has shown us great promise from the moment of arrival to us. He maintains an intense desire to retrieve, he is very quick and eager to learn and as you can see, he is drop dead gorgeous!! Rogue is a well-muscled tank of a dog, currently (at less than 1 year old) weighing 86 pounds Rogue offers the “perfect sport package” of high drive and great work ethic and then happy to relax by our feet in the house. Spring of 2021 Rogue will be running AKC senior and then Master Hunt test, as well as his debut in the HRC Seasoned tests.

Storm's Ahead Lightning Bolt MH


In Loving Memory

ZapStorm's Ahead Lightning Bolt MNZapStorm's Ahead Kennels male labrador retriever, Zap.Zap finished.Zap in Texas.Zap and Janet Pelfresne.ZapZapStorm's Ahead Kennels male lab, Zap.


Zap was a magnificent looking dog, full of power and always ready to go. He was a 2009 Master National Qualifier and we continued running AKC Hunt Tests. Zap's Pedigree, genetics and intence retrieving desire, whether duck hunting or at a Hunt Test, made him an asset to our kennel's breeding and training program. He feeled our hearts with love and warm memories long after he retired. Thank you for spending your life with us, Zap.

Radars Detected Storms A Comin MH


In Loving Memory - Love you Stormy Boy

StormyStormy, Janet Pelfresne and Teal.StormyStorm's Ahead Kennels, Stormy.Stormy.

March 8, 1998 - March 5, 2007

AKC #SN52592508

OFFA #LR-126652E53M-PI

The origin of our kennel name comes from our first lab "Stormy" - Radars Detected Storms A Comin MH. Stormy's main goal in life was to please us....whether it be duck hunting on a nearly frozen lake, pheasant hunting in South Dakota, or competing in field trial and hunt tests, Stormy simply wanted to do his best and please his handler. When prospective puppy buyers would come to see a litter, Stormy always had the ability to seal the deal, "we want a pup just like him" they would say. Stormy along with Teal (Storms Prize Whistling Wings MH) are the foundation of our breeding program, which proved to be a great success, producing pups and grandpups that are all over the United States, all giving great enjoyment to their owners. Stormy passed away in March 2007 but he will live on forever in the hearts and the priceless memories of many. Thanks Storm you taught us so much, you are greatly missed.

Storm's Ahead Kennels male labrador retrievers.