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Storm's Ahead Kennels female labrador retrievers.

Lightning Bolt’s Yippie Kai Yay with Attitude MH


(Storms Ahead Lightning Bolt MH x Storms Ahead Like Her Attitude SH)

D.O.B. 08/17/2011

AKC # SR69528007


Kai has proven her ability to adapt to most situations throughout her life. She began her hunting career chasing grouse in Northern Michigan, working European Tower Hunts and field hunts for pheasants here in Michigan and in South Dakota. She also is quite at home in the duck blind or boat as well. She is a quiet, calm companion in the home and is quite comfortable on the couch. Kai has obtained her AKC Junior, Senior, and Master Hunter Titles. In 2020 she came out of campaigning retirement and rejoined the hunt test circuit adding 4 more AKC Master Passes and running her first HRC Finished tests. Apparently Kai doesn’t put much stock in the “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” adage.

Storm's Ahead Two In One


(Deuce On The Loose III MH x Autties “Kree” Ation MH)

DOB 04/01/2017

AKC# SR9871508

OFA Hips: LR240386E24F, OFA Elbow: LR-EL89832F24

To view Token's pedigree click HERE.


Storm’s Ahead broke from our mold with the addition of our first yellow bitch, while still maintaining my foundation breeding pedigrees. Storm’s Ahead Two in One, “Token” came to us from Wisconsin and she definitely is a very welcomed addition to our program. Token has a sweet, passive demeanor in the house and a passion to retrieve when the time is right, a great balance of working and family dog. Tokens favorite days have her retrieving at European pheasant tower hunts, she is dedicated to the recovery of her bird and won’t return without it.

Storm's Ahead Windy City Wildside JH


(NFC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Storms Ahead Lightning In The Sky)

DOB 09/22/2017

AKC# SS01653505



“Blitz” Storm’s Ahead Wildside is fast and stylish very much like her mother. She is always willing and loves her work. Blitz has been a real treat to train, intense and full of desire. She is a great marking dog, barely slows down on the pickup and is back at my side before I realize it. Blitz has the right balance of intensity with her off switch, making her a great companion. Don't let her small statue of 53 pounds deceive you, she is our number one goose retriever, darting from her blind or leaping from the boat into the icy river to bring back the biggest and meanest of cripples. We look forward to the future with this girl!!

Storms Ahead Lightning in the Sky JH


(Storms Ahead Lightning Bolt MH x Storms Ahead Like her Attitude JH)

DOB 6/16/2015

AKC# SR88342803

OFA - hips Excellent LR-228051E24F, elbows Normal LR-EL79123F24

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FireFireFireFire and JanetFireFire

Fire is the next generation in our breeding program and everything we could have hoped for. "Fire" short for Spitfire lives up to her name (in a good way). Fire is great in the house, clam and loving. She is eager and agile in the upland fields, in and out of the thickest cover to retrieve her pheasant, or crashing through cattails and swimming in frigid water for ducks, always ready to work and please us.

Fire is fast and stylish, and a real treat to train, she has made us look good standing next to her, accomplishing no matter what we ask her to do. We feel very blessed to have a dog like Fire and are very excited to see what her pups will do.

Storms Ahead Like Her Attitude SH


In Loving Memory

AttiStorm's Ahead Kennels female labrador retriever, Attil.Storm's Ahead Like Her Attitude - Atti.AttiAttiAtti as a puppy.Storm's Ahead Kennels female Atti.Atti and Nick Pelfresne.

Sadly "Atti" with her wonderful outgoing personality passed in March of 2020. She ran Master Hunt Tests with, at the time, 12 year old handler Nick Pelfresne. Atti's laid back personality and Nicks' eager level headed ability to learn made them a great team. She seemed to always pass her fine qualities on to her puppies as well and her puppies showed great promise at a young age. We miss you, Atti.

Storms Prize Whistling Wings


In Loving Memory

Teal at Fruitridge.tealTeal and pups.Teal and Nick Pelfresne.TealStorm's Ahead Kennels, Storm's Ahead Whistling Wings MHTealTeal


"Teal" always aimed to please. She was an excellent hunting partner, competitor and wonderful family house dog. She was a serious working dog as well as a calm and relaxed companion. She allowed me the privilege to stand beside her as she acquired her Junior, Senior, and Master Hunt Test titles. She blessed us with many puppies that have proven to be outstanding hunt test and field trial competitors, making the derby list and AFC. Thank you Teal. We miss you.

Storm's Ahead Kennels female labrador retrievers.