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Storm's Ahead Kennels female labrador retrievers.

Storms Ahead Troubadour Magic In The Air SH



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Storms Ahead Like Her Attitude SH


AttiStorm's Ahead Kennels female labrador retriever, Attil.Storm's Ahead Like Her Attitude - Atti.AttiAttiAtti as a puppy.Storm's Ahead Kennels female Atti.Atti and Nick Pelfresne.

DOB - May 10, 2007

AKC #SR72983805


"Atti" has a wonderful outgoing personality, She will be running Master Hunt Tests this year ,with her 12 year old handler Nick Pelfresne. Atti's laid back personality with quick learning ability and Nicks' eager level headed ability to learn make them a great team. She seems to pass her fine qualities on to her puppies as well, with her puppies showing great promise at a young age.

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To view Atti's pedigree click HERE.

Storms Prize Whistling Wings


In Loving Memory

Teal at Fruitridge.tealTeal and pups.Teal and Nick Pelfresne.TealStorm's Ahead Kennels, Storm's Ahead Whistling Wings MHTealTeal

DOB - September 28, 2001

AKC #SN8855703

OFFA #LR-146274E36F-NOPI

EIC: Clear


"Teal" always aimed to please. She was an excellent hunting partner, competitor and wonderful family house dog. She was a serious working dog as well as a calm and relaxed companion. She allowed me the privilege to stand beside her as she acquired her Junior, Senior, and Master Hunt Test titles. She blessed us with many puppies that have proven to be outstanding hunt test and field trial competitors, making the derby list and AFC. Thank you Teal. We miss you.

Storm's Ahead Kennels female labrador retrievers.