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At Storm's Ahead Kennels we believe above all else is to produce a healthy puppy. We have invested time and research to put nearly 150 healthy puppies on the ground. In selecting dogs for our breeding program we choose only those with Good to Excellent (OFA) Elbows, Hips and CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) and are aware of EIC status so that we are able to advise the new owner. And all our pups go home with a health guarantee.

Storm's Ahead Kennels puppies have been place in homes all over the U.S., in Hunt Test and Field Trial homes, the U.S.M.C. as IED detection dogs, law enforcement as Bomb Sniffers and as companion dogs and family members.

All our puppies are well family socialized. They are also introduced to Live Birds, water and terrain to advance their puppy mental growth.

Storm's Ahead Kennels is proud that over the nine years of our Breeding Program we haven't had any pups returned.

References upon request.

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Storm's Ahead Kennels labrador retriever puppy litters.

Let's start the New Year off right!

!!Two Liters expected January 2019!!

Ranger and Moxie

AFC Windy City's Lone Ranger x Storms Ahead Troubadour Magic in the Air

We are very exited about this breeding...great pedigress and talented dogs!

ARRIVED January 14, 2019!

Labrador Retriever puppyNew retriever puppiesNew litter

Moxie had 10 puppies! 5 females and 5 males!

AFC Windy City's Lone Ranger


(FC AFC Windy City's Bent Tail x FC AFC Windy City's Springtime)


DOB - 01/25/2012

AKC# SR71167301


Elbows-normal LR-EL85779M79

EIC-Clear, CERF-LR-373307

Click HERE to view Ranger's Pedigree.

Storms Ahead Troubador Magic in the Air


(NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador x Gypsy Oak's Wildflower)


DOB - 08/01/2014

AKC# SR84193206


Elbows-normal EL-74778F25

EIC-Clear 148640, CNM-147738

To view Moxie's pedigree click HERE.

To view more images of Moxie see Our Girls page.

Ranger is moving up the charts and making a name for himself! Ranger is intense, a great marker and runs his blinds hard!

He is fun to train and tries hard at everything that is put before him. Lots of style and speed.

Moxie is a petite built sleek, but powerful female, weighing about 65 pounds. She is methodical in her work, point her in the desired direction and she will take a long straight line to her bird. She is an absolute joy to have in the house, she is super sweet and a great lap dog!!

Puppies will be vet checked and have their first vaccines at 6 weeks old, regular worming starting at 2 weeks, dewclaws removed. Highly socialized with children and other dogs, early neuro-stimulation, introduced to gunfire and birds.

Call, text or email for more information on your next hunting buddy or competition dog!!

Cooper and Fire

HR Kingseed Royal Flush in Spades x Storms Ahead Lightning in the Sky JH

Exciting Litter expected January 2019!

This breeding combination should produce some very nice pups, with tons of talent and drive!!

HR Kingseed Royal Flush in Spades


(GRHRCH UH Hunters Marsh Elijah MH x HRCH Kingseed's Queen of Grace MH)


DOB - 12/13/2015

AKC# SR90736409


Elbows-normal, EIC-Clear 02502704, CERF-EYE10159/7M

Click HERE to view Cooper's Pedigree.

Storms Ahead Lightning in the Sky JH


(Storms Ahead Lightning Bolt MH x Storms Ahead Like her Attitude SH)


DOB - 06/16/2015

AKC# 88342803


Elbows-normal LR-EL79123F24

EIC-Clear 147738, CNM-148640, DERF-EYE429432/40M

To view Fire's pedigree click HERE.

To view more images of Fire see Our Girls page.

"Cooper" is a very handsome, well muscled, with a high drive and a level of drive and desire tha never let's us down! In the house Cooper is as relaxed and clam and loving as can be, but in the field he is all go!! His intensity as a waterfowl or upland retriever has no end!! Intelligent and always eager to please! He has made us look good standing next to him, accomplishing anything we ask him to do.

"Fire" shor for Spitfire lives up to her name (in a good way). Fire is great in the house, calm and loving. She is eager and agile in the upland fields, in and out of the thickest cover to retrieve her hpeasant, or crashing through cattails and launching herself into frigid water for ducks, always ready to work and eager to please us. Fire is fast and stylish, and a real treat to train. She is still young with limited training, we are eager to see what her future holds.

Puppies will be vet checked and have their first vaccines at 6 weeks old, regular worming starting at 2 weeks, dewclaws removed. Highly socialized with children and other dogs, early neuro-stimulation, introduced to gunfire and birds.

We feel very blessed to have this litter and are very excited to see what these pups will do!

We are taking deposits now so contact Janet to reserve your puppy.

For more information or to reserve a puppy contact Janet by EMAIL or phone: (231) 638-2790.

You can also visit our Facebook page to view current photos and events.

Storm's Ahead Kennels labrador puppy litters.