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Storm's Ahead Kennels labrador retriever, Boomer.

Boomer and goose.

I discovered Storm’s Ahead Kennels by attending a Hunting Expo in March 2007. One of their pups was being used to draw folks to a Gamebird Breeders and Hunting Preserves booth. I was impressed with the pup not just physically but was even more impressed by his temperament after three days and thousands of folks checking him out. I contacted the kennel several weeks after the Expo to see if any pups were still available.

My pup Boomer was the last available pup of this litter and is a fantastic hunter. He’s easily trained and has shown the ability to learn quickly. His entire being is about hunting. When he is outdoors he will spend every moment to that pursuit. He has a tremendous sense of smell. In his first season at ten months of age, he found ducks that I had wounded and had fallen 40 to 50 yards in swamp grass. That takes will power and drive for a young dog to get through thick grass and not become discouraged. He is a tireless hunter and quitting is not an option for him. His abilities are only limited by my inabilities as a trainer.

It has been so valuable to have the support of Janet and Mark Pelfresne of Storm’s Ahead Kennels. They have been instrumental helping myself and others develop our pup’s strong instincts to hunt and retrieve. They care not only about the success of their dogs but will help you achieve that success with yours. I have had the privilege to watch other pups from this Kennel and all have shown great drive, willingness to please, and do what they are breed for. To witness a five-month-old pup stumble on a double retrieve situation in field training and succeed is priceless!

Paul Yoakem

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Storm's Ahead Kennels Testimonials.

January 2, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

KodyI have the privilege of owning Kodiak Thunderbear Cole, a Labrador Retriever that was produced by Janet Pelfresne, Owner of Storm's Ahead Kennels. I have trained and owned Labrador Retrievers for the past fourteen-years and I am amazed how a truly great dog can perform. It's clear to me that great dogs just don't appear by accident. Great dogs appear by diligent planning by breeders who understand their responsiblity.

Janet Pelfresne not only understands this responsibility she also has the unique perspective to put all the details together to produce true working dogs and wonderful pets.

I you need further elaboration on the qualifications of Janet Pelfresne, please do not hesitate ton contact me directly at (616) 723-1411.

Very truly yours,

L.R. Cole

L.R. Cole